Barron water plan area

This information will help you understand how water is managed in the water plan area and how you can access water.

Map of the water plan area

Check whether your property is covered by the plan on the Queensland Globe water plan map (use Google Chrome for best results) or download the Barron water plan area map (PDF, 829KB).

What's happening?

Water management


Type of waterManagement
Surface water Check the water plan information below for rules and requirements
Overland flow Not managed
Underground water Check the water plan information below for rules and requirements

Water plan information

Water supply scheme operator and manual

The licence contains information about the roles and responsibilities of the licence holder. Check the operations manual for day-to-day operational, water sharing and seasonal water assignment rules.

Mareeba–Dimbulah Water Supply SchemeSunwaterResource operations licence (PDF, 164KB)Operations manual (PDF, 194KB)

Accessing water

Follow the links below for more information on how to access water in the water plan area.

Announced entitlements and limits The water you can take through your water entitlement may be limited. Check announced entitlements and limits for unsupplemented water or contact the water supply scheme operator for supplemented water.
Unallocated water releases No current releases
Relocatable water licences Available—read about the relocatable water licence market
Water allocation trading – water scheme areas

Mareeba–Dimbulah: Allocation trading and rules | Current locations of water allocations

Water allocation trading – unsupplemented water

Contact the Mareeba business centre for details

Contact us

Contact the Mareeba business centre for more information on water management and how you can access water in the Barron water plan area.

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