Transport and logistics

Topics relating to Queensland's transport and logistics industry.


Heavy vehicles in Queensland

Topics related to operating heavy vehicles in Queensland.

Transporting dangerous goods in Queensland

Learn what you're legally required to do when consigning, loading, transporting and unloading dangerous goods in Queensland.

Prepare your transport and logistics business for disasters

Learn how to prepare your transport and logistics business for disasters, including how to best respond, recover and communicate to get back on track sooner.

Trialling an automated vehicle in Queensland

Find out about the application process to trial an automated vehicle in Queensland.

Supply transport and infrastructure services to Queensland Government

Information for applying for opportunities to supply to, or work on, Queensland Government transport and infrastructure services projects.

Bus and coach services

Summary of bus and coach services in Queensland and requirements to drive a passenger transport vehicle.

Personalised transport services

Information about licensing requirements, industry regulations and driver conditions for taxi, limousine and ride-booking (booked hire) services in Queensland.

Aviation services

Introduction to aviation services in Queensland, including tourism, commercial, airports and freight and support for regional and remote areas.

Drones in business

Learn about drone licensing, operating conditions, support and training subsidies when starting a drone business or using drones into your business.

Running a business

Find information to help you run and grow your business in Queensland.