Aviation services

Queensland's extensive aviation network offers services to support a range of industries.

Tourism and commercial services

Tourism and commercial services include charter planes, and international and domestic airlines.

Airports, cargo and freight

Queensland's airports provide services for both passengers and freight. Major airports in Queensland include:

  • Brisbane Airport
  • Gold Coast Airport
  • Cairns Airport
  • Townsville Airport.

Smaller airports are also located in regional areas throughout the state.

Regional services

Because Queensland covers an extensive area and has a population that is dispersed throughout regional and remote areas as well as major cities, aviation is essential. The contracted air services network throughout western and northern Queensland gives remote communities year-round access to essential business, educational, medical and cultural services in larger centres. These services reduce the social and economic isolation of rural and remote Queenslanders.

Learn more about contracted air services.

Aviation services are supported by Queensland's aviation and aerospace manufacturing industry.

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