Investing in Queensland's defence industry

Queensland is a premier defence industry destination for the Asia-Pacific region. There are many opportunities for defence-related businesses to set up in Queensland, and there is strong Queensland Government support for the industry.

Queensland is recognised as the:

  • centre for Australian defence aviation and aerospace capability
  • centre for Australian rotary wing (helicopter) capability
  • developing hub for research and development (R&D) of defence-related technologies including unmanned aircraft systems
  • developing hub for heavy vehicles to support defence requirements through the Queensland Heavy Vehicle Network
  • prime location for Australian Defence Force (ADF) training and testing of new technologies.

Queensland is the second largest ADF employer in Australia with 27% of ADF personnel residing in the state. Queensland is home to:

  • 2 of Australia's 3 Army Beersheba Brigades
  • the Army Aviation Centre, Oakey
  • Australia's largest Army base, Lavarack Barracks, Townsville
  • the ADF's largest base, Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Base Amberley
  • HMAS Cairns
  • the ADF's premier training facility at Shoalwater Bay in Central Queensland.

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This guide explains the benefits of investing in Queensland's defence industry.