Running a business

Find information to help you run and grow your business in Queensland.


Finance, accounting and profit

Learn the basics of financial management for your small business and how to improve your financial position.

Employing and managing people

Topics to help you employ and manage staff in your Queensland business.

Marketing and sales

Find information, templates and tips to help you market your business and improve your sales.

Digital business and IT

Find advice on doing business online and managing your business's online presence.

Business planning

Find out how to create a plan for your new or current business, including writing the plan and operational documents, and setting goals.

Suppliers and stock management

Find tools and information to help you find the right suppliers and products, negotiate good outcomes for your business, track and manage your inventory.

Legal obligations and consumer laws

Find how your business must comply with legal requirements, including privacy, selling and consumer laws.

Energy in your business

Read about energy options and opportunities for your business.

Environment and business

Help to make your Queensland business environmentally sustainable – the benefits, the obligations and the codes

Workplace health and safety

Know your work health and safety obligations as a business operating in Queensland.

Managing risks

Find topics to help you prepare and protect your business from risk, including business continuity planning, and incident response and recovery.

Natural disasters

Find information and support for businesses and primary producers to prepare for natural disasters, and recover after an event.

Grow and change your business

Find out how to grow your business and effectively change how you operate and innovate. Support is available to help guide and fund your development.

Support and assistance

Small business assistance – a suite of resources, services, tools and support to help you to start, run and grow your business in Queensland.

Selling or leaving your business

What to consider if you're thinking of closing, leaving or selling your business.