Personalised transport services

The personalised transport industry, including taxis, limousines and ride-booking services (known as booked hire services), plays an essential role in the wider passenger transport system by providing personalised, door-to-door services.

The Queensland Government introduced a legislative framework in 2017 and continues to monitor, review and evaluate this framework.

Taxi, limousine and ride-booking businesses must comply with the personalised transport legislation, industry standards, guidelines and requirements that have been developed in Queensland.

Changes to personalised transport industry regulations

As part of the Queensland Government's personalised transport reforms, changes to legislation have:

  • strengthened safety standards
  • clarified industry obligations
  • given passengers greater choice and flexibility
  • encouraged innovation and improved customer service.

Learn more about Queensland's Personalised Transport Reform Framework.

New industry requirements

Some of the major changes introduced include:

Learn more about changes for limousine, taxi and ride-booking services.

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  • changes to industry requirements
  • new legislation and what it means for you
  • progress of the monitoring, review and evaluation of reforms.


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