Driver conditions in the personalised transport industry

Taxi, limousine and ride-booking vehicles provide passenger trips in different ways and use a variety of different business models. This means drivers are likely to have different everyday work experiences depending on the service they provide. Drivers may also have additional responsibilities if they hold other roles in the personalised transport industry supply chain.

This information is for drivers within Queensland's personalised transport industry.It provides high-level guidance to people working as drivers and does not include guidance for broader roles within the industry (such as an operator or licence owner). It does not replace existing onboarding or induction processes run by personalised transport operators.

This information is intended as general advice only. Individual circumstances will differ, and your situation may be different from what is described. We recommend that you seek your own advice to ensure you understand your rights and obligations.

You can download this guide as a PDF (PDF, 275KB).

This guide explains:

  • how to know what type of driver you are, and why it's important
  • common working statuses of drivers in the ride-booking, taxi and limousine industries
  • the different types of agreements in the personalised transport industry
  • common obligations for self-employed drivers
  • where to go for additional information on common queries.