Transporting dangerous goods in Queensland

You must follow state and national legal requirements if you are involved in consigning, packing, loading and transporting dangerous goods in Queensland.

The Australian Dangerous Goods Code covers national standards and requirements for transporting dangerous goods by road and rail. Queensland state laws have adopted many of the standards of the code.

Consignors are responsible for choosing and hiring a prime contractor to transport dangerous goods by road. They need to make sure goods are packed and marked correctly, tell the prime contractor the goods are classified as dangerous and give the driver a completed and accurate dangerous goods transport document.

The prime contractor is responsible for transporting dangerous goods by road and for reporting any dangerous incidents during the transport, loading or unloading of dangerous goods.

Packers, loaders, vehicle owners and drivers all have legal responsibilities to meet when handling and transporting dangerous goods.

This guide explains your legal responsibilities when involved in transporting dangerous goods and provides contact details for assistance.