Duties of packers, loaders, vehicle owners and drivers

Packers and loaders

You must not pack dangerous goods or load them into a vehicle if the packaging:

You must only display the correct placard (diamond-shaped sign) for the dangerous goods being transported.

Placarding must not be false or misleading.

Vehicle owners

If you're the owner of a vehicle transporting dangerous goods, you're responsible for the vehicle's safety standards, insurance, and protective and safety equipment.

To transport dangerous goods in Queensland, your vehicle must:


As the driver of a vehicle carrying dangerous goods, you must ensure that:

Registered training organisations (RTOs)

Dangerous goods driver training courses are provided by approved RTOs. You must apply for a dangerous goods driver licence within 6 months of completing an approved training course.

Find a list of RTOs for the transport of dangerous goods.

Interstate drivers

All dangerous goods driver licences issued outside of Queensland allow you to drive a dangerous goods vehicle anywhere in Queensland.

Interstate contacts

Contact an interstate competent authority for information on dangerous goods regulations, licensing and classifications outside of Queensland.

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