Catchments and planning

Find out about water planning and management in your area.


Water plan areas

Find out about how water is managed in water plan areas and access to water.

Water planning framework

Find out how we plan to manage the allocation of water to meet Queensland's current and future water needs.

Unallocated water

Find out about unallocated water and get information on current and completed releases.

Flood mitigation

Find out about measures and initiatives to manage the impact of flooding.

Queensland Murray-Darling Basin

Find out how water is managed in the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin and how to access water.

Queensland Great Artesian Basin

Find out how we manage groundwater in the Queensland Great Artesian Basin to ensure the sustainability of this vital resource.

River improvement trusts

Find out about river improvement trusts—the statutory bodies established to protect and improve rivers.

Local water boards

Find out about water authorities and local water boards, established under the Water Act 2000 to carry out a range of local water activities.

Border Rivers Commission

Learn about the commission that was established to operate and maintain jointly 'owned' water infrastructure and implement agreed water sharing arrangements.