Information about the management and use of Queensland's water.


Water authorisations

Application forms for water licences, quarrying, development assessment and riverine protection in water areas.

Bores and groundwater

Find out about accessing groundwater and licensing and construction standards for water bores.

Catchments and planning

Find out about water planning and management in your area.

Water metering

Requirements for water metering may differ depending on the type of water entitlement you own.

Water sharing rules

Find out about water sharing rules for water licences not managed under a resource operations plan.

Water markets, trading and investment

Information that explains the approval and conveyance process for water trading in Queensland.

Water industry and infrastructure

Find out about water regulations and water supply services, water pricing, and dams.

Public notices

View public notices about water entitlements, water releases and water planning.

Maps and data

Access surface water and groundwater data, maps, models and applications.

Rural assistance

Programs and funding to help improve on-farm water use efficiency.