Water authorisations

Application forms for water licences, quarrying, development assessment and riverine protection in water areas.


Forms and fees for water authorisations

Find the application forms for water licences, quarrying, development assessment and riverine protection in water areas.

Authorisations in water areas

Find information about authorisations in water areas in Queensland, including constructing authorities.

Water authorisations for industry and government

Find out about water authorisation requirements for some government and industry activities.

Lodging your water application

Find out how to lodge and pay fees for your water application.

Water licence information

Read information about water licences including the application process in Queensland.

Development assessment for water-related operational works

Find out about how water-related works are assessed and approved under the Planning Act 2016.

Overland flow

Learn about the management and taking of overland flow (e.g. floodwater, rainfall water) in Queensland.

Constructing and modifying levee banks

Find out what levee bank works need to be assessed and how to apply for a development approval.

Riverine protection permits

Information about riverine protection permits in water areas in Queensland.

Water moratorium notices

Notices related to taking water or development works that interfere with water in Queensland.

Resource and distribution operations licences

Learn about resource and distribution operations licences, such as IROL, ROL, and DOL requirements.

Announced entitlements and announced allocations

Find out about current water entitlements in a water year by management area.

Riverine quarrying materials

Find out about extracting quarry materials from watercourses and freshwater lakes in Queensland.

Water management fees in Queensland

Find water planning and management fees and charges related to unsupplemented water users in Queensland.

Water resource compliance and enforcement

Water resource regulations are in place to protect water users' rights, and minimise the unlawful take or use of water in Queensland.