Riverine protection permits

You will generally need a riverine protection permit before you excavate; place fill; or destroy vegetation in any watercourse, lake or spring, unless you meet the exemption requirements (see below).

If you wish to remove riverine quarry material (such as stone, gravel, sand, rock, clay, earth and soil) from a watercourse or lake, you must obtain authorisations for the extraction riverine quarry materials. Contact your local business centre to check what is required.

You may also need to obtain other authorisations, such as owner consent and vegetation clearing permits.

How to apply for a riverine protection permit

Before applying, check whether your activity is covered by an exemption (see below). To apply, complete the application for a riverine protection permit (PDF, 616KB). No fees currently apply.

Exemption requirements

You do not need to apply for a permit if you meet the riverine protection permit exemption requirements (PDF, 143KB). To check if you meet these requirements, contact your local business centre.

In certain cases, exemptions may also be available for emergency works. Read more about watercourse works associated with emergencies and disasters.

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