Bore reports

Reports are available for private registered bores and Queensland Government groundwater investigation and monitoring bores. They show location, water levels, construction details, strata log and water quality information.

If you know the bore number

Enter the water bore registration number (not including 'RN'):

If you don't know the bore number

Use Queensland Globe to find the bore and download a report:

  1. Open the Queensland Globe registered bores map.
  2. Find the bore you are interested in by moving around the map, or search for a location using the search tool.
  3. Zoom in until the bore numbers are clearly visible.
  4. Select the Spanner Spanner on a blue circle in the upper right-hand side to pop out the toolbar.
  5. Select the identify tool Identifyfrom the toolbar.
  6. Click on the bore symbol next to the bore number. The Layers panel will open on the left.
  7. On the Layers panel, click Registered water bores [DRDMW and private].
  8. Click on the bore number. A panel will open showing the bore's attributes.
  9. Scroll down the list of attributes and select the bore report link.

Contact us

You can also contact your local business centre to obtain a bore report. You will need the lot and plan details for your property which can be found on your rates notice for the property.