Implementing water plans

Water plans apply initially for 10 years after they've been approved.

During this period we undertake assessments of a plan's effectiveness. If necessary a water plan can be:

  • replaced
  • amended
  • extended, for up to another 10 years.

Water plan documents

Water plans are implemented through a range of documents, developed in consultation with water users.

The table below explains each document.

Some water plan areas have yet to transition to the current framework. In these cases, resource operations plans remain in effect.

Queensland's water planning framework documents

Current framework
(as at Dec 2016)
Previous framework Contents of new document
Water plans Water resource plans
  • Water covered by the plan
  • Desired outcomes, measures and strategies for achieving the outcomes
  • Performance indicators
  • Amounts of water available for consumptive use and future use
  • Specifications of water management areas and trading zones (previously in ROP)
  • Criteria for deciding water licences (previously in ROP)
Water management protocols Resource operations plans (ROP)
  • Water dealing/trading rules
  • Water sharing rules for unsupplemented water
  • Seasonal water assignment rules
  • Any volumes of unallocated water reserved for particular purposes or stated locations
Resource operations licences
Distribution operations licences
  • Roles and responsibilities of scheme operators to achieve the outcomes of the water plan
  • Details of the infrastructure used to operate the scheme
  • Watercourse authorised to be used for distribution of water
  • Environmental management rules
  • Monitoring and reporting requirements
Water supply scheme operations manuals  
  • Operational rules for the scheme
  • Water releases from dams
  • Water sharing rules
  • Seasonal assignment rules
Water entitlement notices Conversion, granting and amending schedules in ROPs
  • Temporary documents to convert, grant or amend water entitlement

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