Guideline 09: Advertising (display of notice)

Liquor Act 1992 - Section 118

Wine Industry Act 1994

When you advertise your liquor/wine application to the public, the sign must:

  • include body text lettering not less than 8mm in height
  • include heading lettering in bold style and not less than 12mm in height
  • be at least 841mm x 594mm in size
  • be made of weatherproof material if displayed outdoors.

If you are advertising an application under the Wine Industry Act, in addition to the sign, you must also publish a notice in a local newspaper twice during the advertising period.

When printing your sign, use the information in the advertising notice supplied by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation, unless the Commissioner for Liquor and Gaming has provided approval for an alternative version.

You, the applicant, are responsible for maintaining the notice of application from the date it is installed until the end of the last day of the objection period.

Re-issued 3 February 2023
(Issued 14 August 1992; re-issued 12 February 1995; re-issued 3 September 1997; re-issued 11 November 1997; re-issued 22 February 2001; re-issued 27 August 2001; re-issued 22 May 2009, re-issued 24 January 2013; re-issued 22 October 2014; re-issued 18 May 2016)

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