Guideline 62: Function room

Liquor Act 1992 - Section 61(1)(b)(iii)

To be granted a commercial hotel licence, your venue may have to include a designated function room.

When you must have a function room

Under section 61(1)(b) of the Act, if you do not provide accommodation, you must have a function room facility available for public hire.

Minimum requirements for a designated function room

While every application will be treated on its merits, it is expected that the function room is a separate room that can be easily identified. This room could be part of the dining area, or another part of the licensed premises; however, you must be able to physically and visually separate the function room from other areas.

The function room must:

  • be roofed
  • have room boundaries that provide a suitable amount of separation and privacy for the function room
  • be proportionate to the scale of the licensed premises.

What is not acceptable for use as a designated function room

  • You cannot nominate the whole of the premises as suitable for a function room.
  • It is not considered suitable to separate the function room area from other areas of the premises by means of rope, bollards, planter boxes or variations in floor height.
  • Outdoor grassed areas or car parks are not considered suitable.

Re-issued 1 May 2018

(Issued 17 November 2015, re-issued 23 June 2016)

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