Guideline 65: Temporary changes to regulated hours for ID scanning

Liquor Act 1992 - Sections 173EH(5) and (9)

Under section 173EH(9)(a) of the Liquor Act, the Commissioner for Liquor and Gaming may set the regulated hours for ID scanning. The purpose of this guideline is to outline when the Commissioner will consider a variation to those hours.

In certain circumstances, the Commissioner will assess if varying the regulated hours of ID scanning is appropriate at a licensed venue. This would be due to:

  • an impact on the venue as a result of patrons dispersing from a major event that creates an unavoidable mass migration of persons into or through an SNP at the times that ID scanning would ordinarily commence
  • and
  • strong likelihood for those persons to interact with queues of people outside the licensed premises, which may heighten the propensity for violence in the area.

Criteria for a temporary change to ID scanning hours

Each application will be considered on its individual merits, and must meet all of the criteria set out below:

  • There is likely to be an unavoidable mass migration of people into or through the SNP.
  • The type of event is likely to be attended by in excess of 30,000 people. For example, an NRL game, an international sporting contest or a concert.
  • The event is scheduled to finish after 9.15pm and before 11pm.
  • The demographic of the persons attending the event could conceivably increase the likelihood of adverse interactions in the SNP.
  • The costs incurred to comply with ID scanning at 10pm due to crowd dispersal from relevant events are significant and demonstrable.

The Commissioner expects applications to vary hours of ID scanning to be accompanied by sufficient evidence to support that relevant events meet the aforementioned criteria.

Issued 19 November 2018


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