Guideline 10: Conduct of other business

Liquor Act 1992 - Section 152

A licensee is required to apply in writing providing full details of the type of other business proposed to be conducted on the licensed premises in conjunction with the licensed business.

Approval may be given in circumstances where it can be demonstrated that the business will complement the licensed activity or is not a service otherwise provided in the local area. The Commissioner for Liquor and Gaming may consider other special circumstances.

Auctions, trade fairs and similar events which are conducted in a part of the licensed premises on a particular occasion do not require approval under Section 152, unless the activity becomes a permanent business arrangement. In cases of more permanent arrangements, the Commissioner must also consider the suitability of the establishment.

The use of automatic vending machines (for non-alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, and snack food) or automatic teller machines do not require formal approval.

Re-issued 24 January 2013
(Issued 14 August 1992; re-issued 12 February 1995; re-issued 27 August 2001; re-issued 22 May 2009)

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