Compliance for liquor licensees and permittees

Learn more about licensee's compliance obligations under the Liquor Act and Wine Industry Act.


Compliance checklists for licensees and permit-holders

Use this checklist to help meet your obligations as a liquor and gaming licensee and understand what OLGR compliance officers look for during inspections.

Patron and staff safety on licensed premises

Liquor licensees have a legal obligation to provide a safe environment for both employees and patrons. Learn more about key safety issues on licensed premises.

Refusal of service

Learn more about banning orders and when liquor licensees and their staff may refuse to serve a patron.

Security and monitoring for licensed venues

Learn how to comply with security and monitoring requirements for your licensed venue, including security staff, CCTV, ID scanning and banning problem patrons.

Minors and under-age drinking on licensed premises

Learn about preventing minors and under-age drinking at your licensed premises and the penalties you and your staff face for non-compliance.

Banned products for licensed premises

Find out about compliance for liquor licensees relating to banned alcohol products and use of regular glass.

Noise restrictions for licensed venues

Understand noise restrictions at licensed premises and how to reduce noise. Find a Queensland acoustic consultant to meet liquor licensing noise requirements.

Holiday trading hours for licensed premises

Find out about liquor trading hours during Anzac Day, Easter, Christmas and New Year and how to apply for extended trading hours.

Using licensed premises outside trading hours

Liquor licensees can find out their obligations for trading outside of approved trading hours.

Trading after 1am in the Brisbane City Council area

Find out about additional measures that liquor licensees within the Brisbane City Council area must comply with.

Managing liquid nitrogen and dry ice risks

Learn how to minimise the chance of a liquid nitrogen accident. As a licensee you should develop or adopt guidelines about its safe use when preparing drinks.

Alcohol advertising and promotions

Queensland liquor licensees must comply with acceptable alcohol promotions and advertising, promoting responsible liquor use and maintaining a safe environment.

Licensed premises in catchment areas

Find out the trading conditions in catchment areas that support alcohol restrictions and limit the amount of illicit alcohol that enters a restricted area.

Liquor licensees and organised crime

Liquor licensees must take reasonable steps to remove a person wearing or carrying prohibited items associated with an identified organisation.

Liquor fines and penalties for non-compliance

Learn how you, your staff and patrons can be penalised and fined if you don't comply with Queensland liquor laws.

Compliance signage for licensed venues

Download, print and display Queensland liquor compliance signage free-of-charge. Tell your patrons what you expect of them while at your licensed premises.

Penalties for late payment of liquor licence fees

Annual liquor licence fees are due on 31 July each year. Learn more about the penalties for non-payment.

Interviews for compliance investigations

Learn your rights and responsibilities when being interviewed for non-compliance under the Liquor Act 1992.

Venue controls program

Learn how the venue controls program can help you strengthen measures to reduce the risk of harm in and around your venue.

Annual returns

Liquor and wine licensees can find out how to complete an annual return.