Responsible service of alcohol (RSA) training and certification

All staff of licensed premises in Queensland who serve or supply alcohol must have a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate.

The following people must complete RSA training within 30 days of starting employment:

  • the licensee (if an individual), unless they're qualified in responsible management of licensed venues (RMLV)
  • all staff of licensed premises (including licensed restaurants or cafes) who are involved in serving or supplying alcohol at the premises—including bartenders, floor staff and room service staff.

If you're an individual licensee or an approved manager who holds a current RMLV certificate issued by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR), you don't have to have an RSA certificate. An RMLV certificate expires 3 years after the date of issue.

Which RSA certificate you will need

You need a Statement of Attainment from the nationally accredited Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol course. The Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol course can only be delivered by a registered training organisation (RTO).

The current course code is SITHFAB021. Older courses might have a different course code, but they'll have the same course name and will always supply a Statement of Attainment. For example, SITHFAB009A was the active course code between 2009 and 2013. If you completed that course, it's still valid.

Search for your course code to see if it's an equivalent course code.

View an example Statement of Attainment.

If you haven't received a Statement of Attainment in the Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol course, you may not have completed the right course. You must ensure you complete a recognised course.

Note: In Queensland, you won't receive a card with your Statement of Attainment like you might in other states.

Expiry of your RSA certificate

You should only need to get your RSA Statement of Attainment once. As long as you completed the nationally accredited Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol course after 2002, the qualification doesn't expire, even though the course code (currently SITHFAB021) sometimes changes.

Your RSA Statement of Attainment remains valid no matter what the course code was when you completed it.

However, if you completed your RSA course before 2002, it won't be valid, so you'll need to complete it again.

How to know you're getting the right RSA certificate

These Queensland RTOs are currently delivering the nationally recognised Provide responsible service of alcohol course.

RTO name RTO contact details Course delivery method
Asset college

Suite 39, Level 3
207 Currumburra Road

18 Flinders Parade

Unit 4, Campus Business Park
17–19 University Drive

Phone: 1300 731 602


In-person training
Australian Institute of Food Safety (also trading as Food Safety First and InstaCert)

Level 4, 46 Edward Street

Phone: 1300 797 020

Email: or

Online training
Australian Training Institute

Shop 7, 51 Brighton Road

Phone: (07) 3269 5005


Online training
BARS Training Australia

2B, 677 Pine Ridge Road

Phone: (07) 5529 0834


In-person training
Clear to Work

21 Nundah Street

Phone: 0457 686 434


Online training
Coal Train

6 Millroy Drive

Phone: (07) 4939 1445


In-person training
CTA Training Specialists 55 Holland Street

Phone: (07) 3878 7291

Five Star Training Academy

Unit 7, 60 Nerang Street

Unit 7, 5-11 Noel Street

Phone: 1300 718 005


Online theory with practical training provided online or in person.
Galaxy Training Australia

73 Tasman Boulevard

Phone: (07) 3062 7222


Online training
Industry Training Services

Paddington Tavern
186 Given Terrace

Club Musgrave
Corner Musgrave Road and Kumbari Avenue

Phone: 1300 798 948


In-person training
North Queensland Security Training Academy

330 Bayswater Road

Phone: (07) 4775 1828


In-person training
Prestige Service Training

30415/27 Garden Street

Phone: 1300 368 097


Online theory and online or in-person practical training
Queensland Hotels Association Union of Employers

QHA House
Level 2, 160 Edward Street

Phone: (07) 3221 6999


Online and in-person training
Regal Security & Industry Training

Level 1, Suite 1
42 Nerang Street

Phone: (07) 5679 0110


Self-paced completion of workbook and in-person attendance for practical demonstrations
Urban E-Learning

17 Henry Street

Phone: (07) 3118 6118


Online training

PO Box 683

Phone: 1300 122 287


Online training or in-person group training at your venue

You can also search for other RTOs on by entering the current course code: SITHFAB021.

Many online courses don't meet Queensland's RSA certification requirements even though they charge fees and claim to give you the right certificate. Critical issues may not be covered by these unaccredited courses, exposing your venue and patrons to the risk of poor or unsafe practices.

Some courses may issue a statement of attendance, but that's not the same as the Statement of Attainment competency in the nationally accredited training package.

Penalties apply if licensees fail to ensure their staff have the right RSA qualification.

If you have a formal qualification, such as a Certificate II in Hospitality, the Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol course could be 1 of the units of competency in your qualification.

The course code might be an older version of SITHFAB021 (e.g. SITHFAB002, SITHFAB009A or THHBFB09B), which is still valid.

Most RTOs provide a web search function to verify a certificate online. Usually, you can enter the Certificate ID or student number to check if a certificate is valid.

If the RTO doesn't provide the option to check your certificate online, contact them. Search for the RTO's contact details.

Otherwise, you can check your vocational education and training (VET) history online using a unique student identifier (USI). Anyone who undertakes VET training is required to have a USI. Use the website to check if you have a USI (or create one) and access a list of your previously completed training, including the Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol course.

Minimum age to get your RSA certificate

Some businesses—for example, hotels, restaurants and cafes—can employ under 18s to serve or supply alcohol. There are no minimum age restrictions under the Liquor Act 1992, unless the venue has an adult entertainment permit.

Regardless of age, all staff who serve or supply alcohol must have an RSA certificate. You must complete the course within 30 days of starting employment.

Lost RSA certificates

If you can't find your RSA Statement of Attainment, you'll need to have it re-issued. Contact the RTO that originally issued it.

If you can't remember which RTO certified you, you'll need to do the course again.

OLGR can't provide a replacement copy of your RSA certificate as we didn't issue it and don't hold those records.

Using an interstate RSA qualification in Queensland

You can only use your interstate RSA qualification in Queensland if it's a Statement of Attainment from the nationally accredited Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol course. This is the only nationally recognised qualification.

If you don't hold this specific Statement of Attainment, you'll need to complete the nationally accredited course through an RTO.

International travellers and students also need to complete the course within 30 days of starting employment in a licensed venue.

RSA exemptions for community-based groups and events

Community-based licensees or permit holders must ensure someone with current RSA training supervises volunteers who are serving or supplying alcohol.

Supervised volunteers don't need to hold a current RSA qualification if they're serving or supplying alcohol under 1 of the following liquor licences:

  • community club licence
  • community other licence
  • community liquor permit
  • restricted liquor permit.

Examples of the types of businesses that may hold these licences include:

  • sporting or ethnic clubs or RSLs
  • incorporated associations (e.g. charities)
  • non-proprietary organisations.

Keeping evidence of RSA certification on site

Licensees must keep copies on the premises of current statements of attainment for staff. You must make these available for inspection by OLGR compliance officers and the Queensland Police Service. You don't need to keep an RSA training register.

Past OLGR-issued RSA certificates

If you (or your staff) completed RSA training before 30 June 2013, OLGR may have issued you an RSA certificate that would have expired 3 years from the date of issue.

However, an old RSA course that was supported by OLGR included the nationally accredited Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol course. If you were issued a Statement of Attainment in that course, it would still be valid. You'll need to check your records.

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