Noise restrictions for licensed venues

Around 33% of complaints received each year by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation are related to excessive noise from licensed venues, usually due to loud entertainment and noisy patrons in and near the venue.

All licensees must ensure that noise coming from their establishment is not unreasonable and/or does not exceed the noise limit that is a condition of their liquor licence. This includes noise from:

  • entertainment
  • patrons at, entering or leaving the premises
  • motors, including generators and air conditioning units.

Many licensees have conditions endorsed on their licence document - specific to their venue - that relate to entertainment and patron noise levels. As a licensee it is your responsibility to make every effort to ensure the impact of entertainment, patrons and other venue related noise does not negatively impact on local residents and businesses.

This guide provides an overview of noise restrictions related to licensed premises, tips for reducing noise, and a list of sound engineers/acoustic consultants in Queensland that are familiar with liquor licensing noise requirements.


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