Noise restrictions for licensed venues

Find out how to make a complaint to the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) if you’ve been disturbed by excessive noise from a nearby pub, club or other licensed venue.

The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) regulates noise coming from most venues licensed under the Liquor Act 1992. Around one-third of complaints we receive relate to problem noise.

Licensees must ensure they comply with all noise conditions on their liquor licence. They must also ensure noise coming from their premises is not unreasonable and does not negatively impact on local residents and businesses. This includes limiting noise from:

  • entertainment
  • patrons at, entering, or leaving the premises
  • mechanical noise related to the operation of the premises (e.g. generators, air conditioners, fridges, etc).

This guide will help you understand the noise restrictions related to your premises, provide tips for reducing noise, and connect you to sound engineers and acoustic consultants in Queensland who are familiar with liquor licensing noise requirements.