Banned products for licensed premises

In order to create a safer environment for patrons and staff, liquor licensees need to be aware of their legal obligations in relation to 'banned products'. This includes liquor products declared to be undesirable, regular glass in high-risk premises and the ban on selling or supplying rapid intoxication drinks between certain times.

As a liquor licensee you must not sell or supply a liquor product that is declared an undesirable liquor product. A liquor product may be banned entirely, or banned from being sold and consumed in prescribed locations.

Similarly, if your venue has been classified as 'high-risk', you have a legal obligation to remove all regular glass containers during trading hours.

And under the Tackling Alcohol-Fuelled Violence Amendment Act 2016, you must not allow the sale or supply of rapid intoxication drinks between 12 midnight and 5am.

This guide will help you understand your compliance responsibilities relating to rapid intoxication drinks after 12 midnight, undesirable alcohol products and use of regular glass in high-risk venues.