Using licensed premises outside trading hours

Queensland liquor licensees can't sell or supply alcohol outside their approved trading hours. This isn't permitted under sections 146 and 147 of the Liquor Act 1992.

You are allowed to open outside your approved trading hours in certain circumstances provided you don't serve alcohol. For example, you can stay open to let patrons watch televised sport.

When you can open outside trading hours without approval

Provided alcohol isn't being served or consumed, you don't need approval (and don't need to notify anyone) before using your liquor licensed premises outside trading hours if:

  • you're a community club or community-other licensee and patrons are participating in the sport or principal activity of the club
  • patrons are eating a meal in an area of the premises ordinarily set aside for dining (or in a function room between 7 and 10am)
  • you have a commercial-other subsidiary on-premises licence and the premises is being used for its principal activity (e.g. a café is serving coffee and snacks, a vessel is offering a charter service or a theatre is conducting entertainment)
  • patrons are using the TAB facilities at your hotel or club from midday on Anzac Day.

Gambling outside ordinary trading hours

Gaming licensees can apply to stay open for 2 hours after their approved liquor trading hours end when they submit an application for a gaming machine licence.

Compliance requirements outside trading hours

The usual compliance requirements for liquor licensees and permittees remain in place outside approved trading hours.

Licensees and staff must pay particular attention to maintaining a safe environment in and around the licensed premises and controlling community disturbance.

The use of the licensed premises and the behaviour of patrons and staff entering or leaving must not cause undue annoyance or disturbance to others living, working or doing business in the neighbourhood.

There may be penalties for any inappropriate conduct outside of licensed trading hours.

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