Tips for controlling noise in licensed venues

Consider these tips to help ensure your venue doesn't produce excessive noise.

Controlling venue noise

  • Close the doors and windows during entertainment.
  • Face speakers away from your neighbours.
  • Use an area of your premises away from your neighbours.
  • Use a sound lock at the entrance to the entertainment area.
  • Only provide entertainment suitable to the structure of your premises.
  • Go outside and listen for noise—if you can make out the actual words to a song, the music is too loud.
  • Check whether you can hear the bass clearly outside your venue and adjust the levels—bass will heavily impact on your neighbours.
  • Install a sound limiting device.
  • Investigate whether double glazing might help with noise control.
  • Maintain all motorised equipment in good working order.
  • Turn off motors at night.
  • Reposition motors away from neighbours.

Controlling patron noise

  • Display signs asking patrons to be considerate of neighbours.
  • Ensure adequate security and lighting in external areas (e.g. car parks) to manage patrons as they leave and discourage loitering.
  • Reposition taxi ranks away from your neighbours.

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