Guideline 08: Definition of 'regular basis'

Liquor Act 1992

The term 'regular basis' will be deemed to mean recurring uniformly in time or manner relating to functions/events occurring weekly, fortnightly, etc. It would apply to a permit or temporary approval which, in the Commissioner for Liquor and Gaming's opinion, is being used to take the place of a licence or permanent approval. This would include the licensing of additional areas adjoining the licensed premises, changes to licence conditions or the regular use of a permit.

A community club licensee applying to licence 'other premises' on an infrequent basis should consult Guideline 39: Other premises for community club licences.

Re-issued 24 January 2013
(Re-issued 14 August 1992; re-issued 24 February 1995; re-issued 22 May 2009; re-issued 29 October 2012)

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