Guideline 49: Use of car park

Liquor Act 1992 - Part 6, Division 1AB

This section applies if a car park is in or on the licensed premises (a regulated car park).

The car park of a licensed premises is not an area to be utilised for the general sale, supply or consumption of liquor.

If a licensee wishes to sell, supply or allow consumption of liquor in the car park, they must apply for a car park approval from the Commissioner for Liquor and Gaming. Permanent approval for use of the car park will not be granted.

In making a decision, the Commissioner will consider:

  • the impact on the health and safety of members of the public
  • the amenity of the community in which the car park is located
  • the ability of the licensee to control behaviour within the car park area
  • the nature of the event to be held in the car park
  • the time period proposed to use the car park
  • management of previous events in the car park.

A fee will be payable on each occasion the regulated car park is to be used. An occasion is limited to no more than 3 consecutive days.

An application may be made for 1 or more days; however, the Commissioner may grant the car park approval for some or all of those days. A car park approval may be granted for a maximum of 3 months and may not be approved for any time outside the approved trading hours under the licence for the premises.

The Commissioner may impose conditions on a car park approval in relation to:

  • minimising harm, adverse effects on the health or safety of members of the public and amenity of the community
  • ensuring compliance with the Liquor Act 1992
  • minimising alcohol-related disturbances or public disorder
  • the provision of amplified entertainment
  • noise, including patron noise.

A regulated car park that is part of the licensed premises remains part of the licensed area regardless of whether or not the car park is temporarily authorised for the sale, supply or consumption of liquor.

The licensee continues to exercise control over a car park that is part of the licensed premises as per the main premises; for example, for the purpose of controlling patron behaviour in a car park.

Re-issued 19 August 2016
(Issued 22 May 2009; re-issued 24 January 2013)

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