Guideline 29: Requirements for application for satellite cellar door

Wine Industry Act 1994 - Section 15(3)

The following items must be included in any application for approval for 'other premises' (satellite cellar door) under the Wine Industry Act 1994:

  • a plan of the premises to which the application relates, drawn to 1:100 scale, showing the general layout of the premises
  • a food and hygiene licence issued by the local authority
  • evidence that the intended use of the premises is a permitted use under the relevant town plan
  • details of the tenure held by the licensee over the proposed area (e.g. lease, sub-lease)
  • details of any other liquor or wine licences in the same complex, including existing or proposed satellite cellar doors
  • details of any other business operating in the same complex (e.g. café, gift shop).

Re-issued 30 August 2002
Issued 27 August 1998

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