Guideline 61: Commercial kitchen

Liquor Act 1992 – Section 61(1)(b)

Section 61(1)(b) of the Liquor Act 1992 requires that an applicant for a commercial hotel licence must include a commercial kitchen as part of the facilities.

The Commissioner must be satisfied that the commercial kitchen:

  • is of sufficient floor space
  • has adequate equipment to prepare meals.

The kitchen must also comply with food and hygiene regulations.

Commercial kitchen equipment for commercial hotels

The equipment must be commercial-grade and appropriate to the range of food proposed by the applicant. The commercial kitchen must have at least 5 of the following items:

  • multi-plate cook top
  • oven/s with capacity greater than 60L
  • recessed deep fryer
  • overhead ventilation canopy
  • sufficient cold and dry goods storage
  • sufficient cleaning space (including sinks or automated washing alternatives)
  • preparation bench or equivalent equipment (for preparing meals other than sandwiches, finger food and snacks).

Note: Slow cookers, microwaves ovens, sandwich presses, rice cookers and egg boilers are considered to be additional, non-compulsory items.

Issued 17 November 2015

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