Guideline 26: Standard of premises - toilets

Liquor Act 1992 – Section 107(4)
Wine Industry Act 1994 – Section 11(1) (d)

When determining if your premises is suitable, the Commissioner for Liquor and Gaming considers whether your patrons can easily access toilets and other amenities.

Minimum toilet facilities for all licence types

You must calculate the required number of toilets for your venue in-line with the Building Code of Australia. Under the Building Code, the required number of male and female facilities is based on the floor space of the premises. The floor space must include any outdoor or footpath areas (less a 1200mm width for public access along the footpath).

Separate male and female facilities, including hand basins, are generally required for all licensed premises. You must equally divide toilet facilities between males and females; disabled toilets are counted once as either male or female (they cannot be counted twice).

Toilets for commercial hotels and nightclubs

At commercial hotels and nightclubs, toilets must be located within the licensed premises (with entry from within the venue). In the case of existing premises, if the toilets are not within the premises, they must be immediately adjacent to the licensed premises and protected from the elements. These toilets must be for the exclusive use by hotel and nightclub patrons.

Toilets for other licensed venues

For other licence types, the Commissioner may consider other proposals where toilets cannot be accessed directly from the licensed area. In these cases, patrons must be able to access toilets within 80m of the licensed premises.

If access to toilets is external to the building, the route should be covered overhead and adequately lit for the safety of patrons. You must ensure that patrons have access to toilets during all times that the premises is selling or supplying alcohol.

Local council regulations

You should contact your local council to ensure your proposed toilet facilities comply with their regulations (in addition to the requirements under the Liquor and Wine Industry Acts).

Re-issued 17 November 2015
(Re-issued 24 January 2013; re-issued 3 December 2013; re-issued 18 September 2015)

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