Guideline 14: Particulars to be displayed on licensed premises

Liquor Act 1992 - Section 143
Wine Industry Act 1994 - Section 25

In addition to the name of the licensee and premises, premises licensed under the Liquor Act are required to display particulars dealing with the nature of the business. This must be presented in legible font (lettering size at least 15mm tall) and displayed in a conspicuous place on the exterior of the licensed premises. Premises licensed under either the Liquor Act or the Wine Industry Act are also required to clearly display the permitted trading hours.

Liquor licences - nature of business

Where the name of the premises indicates the principal activity of the business (e.g. 'restaurant', 'nightclub', 'hotel', 'club', 'motel', 'guest house'), the licensee does not need to indicate separately the nature of the business. Otherwise, details of the nature of the business must also be displayed. This will generally coincide with the 'principal activity' indicated on the licence document, and some examples, including acceptable abbreviations, follow:

Licence typePrincipal activity to be displayed
Commercial other licence (subsidiary on-premises) For example:

  • provision of meals
  • functions
  • residential accommodation
Nightclub licence Provision of entertainment
Commercial other licence (subsidiary off-premises) For example:

  • florist
  • gift baskets
Commercial other licence (producer/wholesaler)
  • wholesaler of liquor
  • producer of liquor
Community club

Community other
Business of a club
Commercial hotel - main premises

Commercial hotel - bottle shop
Sale of liquor for consumption on or off the premises
Sale of takeaway liquor only

All licences - trading hours

The hours displayed must be the actual permitted hours of trade, including any permanent approved extended hours. These are shown on the licence document.

It is also permissible to display signage such as 'Actual trading hours may vary'.

Detached bottle shops and satellite cellar doors

Detached bottle shops operating under commercial hotel licences and satellite cellar doors operating under wine producer licences must also display, in addition to the name of the controlling premises, the actual permitted hours of the bottle shop. These may vary from the main premises, and again the licence document should be consulted.

Commercial special facility licences

All liquor outlets operating under commercial special facility licences must also display, in addition to the name of the special facility licence, the actual permitted hours of the liquor outlet. These may vary from outlet to outlet and the licence document should be consulted.

Re-issued 18 September 2015
(Issued 24 February 1995; re-issued 27 August 2001; re-issued 30 August 2002; re-issued 22 May 2009)

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