Guideline 01: Register of licences and permits

Liquor Act 1992 - Section 44
Wine Industry Act 1994 - Section 58

The register of licences contains basic information about licences and permits, and also information about applications for licences and permits, that may have a significant community impact.

Publicly available details of licences and permits

Any person can request information about a liquor licence or permit by mail or online. A search fee may be payable. If the request for information includes details that are not listed below, the person applying for the information must gain the licensee's permission to release this information.

Licence and permit information that anyone can request is as follows:

Details of licences and permits

  • Trading name
  • Licence/permit type
  • Description of the permitted area for the sale of liquor
  • Trading conditions

Details of licensees, permit-holders, nominees (for Wine Industry Act licences only) and interested persons

  • Name
  • Nature of that person's interest
  • Address (if different to the licensed premises)

Address of the licensed or permit premises

  • Street address
  • Real property description (if available)

Trading hours

  • Hours and days of permitted trading in various approved areas

Details of advertised applications

  • Type of application
  • Address and proposed trading hours
  • Applicant's name and contact details
  • Business trading name (if available)
  • Conditions to be changed (if a variation)
  • Any proposed entertainment
  • Advertising period and closing date for objections

Re-issued 18 May 2016

(Issued 14 August 1992; re-issued 12 February 1995, re-issued 27 August 2001; re-issued 30 August 2002; re-issued 22 May 2009)

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