Guideline 34: Satellite cellar doors

Wine Industry Act 1994 - Section 15(3)

  1. In considering whether to grant an approval under Section 15(3) for a satellite cellar door, the chief executive must consider whether:
    • the sale of the wine product is for the genuine promotion of the Queensland wine industry. The display of signage and/or brochures promoting the Queensland winery, and information about the relevant wine region (if available), would constitute genuine promotion of the industry for the purposes of this guideline.
    • any business operated in conjunction with the sale of wine would not be more appropriately licensed under a different category of licence, for example, satellite cellar doors operated in conjunction with a restaurant.
    • if the operation of the satellite cellar door is in conjunction with another business, that the display and promotion of the wine products is to be from a position allocated to the licensee of the winery.
    • where self-serve type business is conducted, the whole of the retail area and pay points may be licensed, however sampling of wine on the premises is prohibited except by way of condition. For example, a condition may only allow sampling in conjunction with a food tasting promotion at the premises or when a representative of the winery is present.
  2. Where a number of satellite cellar doors are intended to operate within one establishment, the chief executive may consider that the premises would be more appropriately licensed under the Liquor Act, unless the purpose of the premises is solely to promote Queensland wines, and no other business is operating from the premises.
  3. A satellite cellar door operation may not be established in conjunction with a supermarket, general store or other convenience-shopping store - however the fact a business does carry some convenience lines would not necessarily preclude a satellite cellar door from being established with that business.
  4. As a condition of the licence/approval, the licensee must seek the approval of the chief executive if there is an associated business at the premises and the nature of the associated business is to change.

Re-issued 23 May 2006
(Issued 22 February 2001)

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