Advertising liquor licence applications

Once you've lodged your liquor licence application, the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) may ask you to place signage on each street frontage outside your premises for 28 days. This signage is to notify the local community about your application for a liquor licence.

Advertising is at your expense.

Your application will also be advertised on OLGR's public register.

We consider comments and objections from local government, police or the Minister as part of our assessment process.

Read more about public objections to liquor licence applications.

When you need to advertise

You must advertise (i.e. display signage) when applying for:

  • a liquor licence or a variation of a liquor licence
  • a detached bottle shop
  • ongoing extended trading hours
  • an adult entertainment permit.

We may waive the requirement to advertise because:

  • your premises is in a remote location
  • you've already advertised for another purpose that complies with the requirements
  • there are other special circumstances.

Format of advertising

We'll let you know the wording, size and timing of the advertisement (i.e. signage).

Read Guideline 09: Advertising (display of notice) for more information.

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