Liquor and wine licensing

Find out about liquor and wine licensing in Queensland, including applications, fees and charges, community impact statements, and public objections.


Liquor and wine licences and permits

This guide provides an overview of the types of liquor licences and permits available in Queensland.

Liquor licence exemptions

Find out what types of businesses are exempt from holding a liquor licence.

Applying for a liquor or wine licence

Find out how to apply for a liquor or wine licence.

Objecting to liquor licence applications

Find out how to object to a liquor licence application, the grounds for objecting and how objections are assessed.

Changing a liquor or wine licence

Find out how to change your liquor licence to trade at a one-off event, extend your trading hours or if you renovate you premises.

Transferring a liquor licence

Find out how to apply to transfer a liquor licence, including the form to lodge and how your application will be processed.

Responsibilities of liquor licensees

Liquor licensees can find out about their responsibilities to follow the law and meet licence conditions.

Licensed premises in catchment areas

Find out the trading conditions in catchment areas that support alcohol restrictions and limit the amount of illicit alcohol that enters a restricted area.

Adult entertainment permits

Find out how to apply for an adult entertainment permit, the types of activities that require one or breach a permit, and the penalties for breaches.