General licensing information

This guide covers general information about requirements for explosives licences. To find an application form for, or more information about, a specific explosives activity, see the sections for particular sectors and activities.

Explosives are classified as a dangerous good and restrictions generally apply to handling explosives throughout their entire life cycle.

In Queensland, you need a licence or permit for most explosives activities. Often, each separate activity will require its own licence or permit.

You can apply for an explosives licence or permit for:

  • blasting and shotfiring
  • fireworks
  • importing and exporting explosives
  • manufacturing explosives
  • selling explosives
  • transporting explosives
  • storing explosives (including at an arms fair)
  • collecting ammunition
  • specialised purposes (e.g. demolition, testing).

To obtain an explosives licence or permit, you must meet eligibility requirements, including training, safety, security and medical clearance.

You also need:

  • physical fitness
  • adequate knowledge of safety and security practices for using and handling explosives
  • adequate facilities for using and handling explosives.

You may need to complete a course from a registered training organisation that delivers nationally recognised competencies.

This guide explains those requirements, as well as when you need to obtain an explosives licence or permit, the types of explosives licences and permits available, and how to renew, surrender or replace an existing licence.