Apply for a licence to transport explosives

A person must have a security clearance if applying for a licence or permit relating to security-sensitive explosives.

Requirement for a licence to transport explosives

A transport licence is required for a person operating a business of transporting explosives in Queensland by vehicle or boat.

A person under the Explosives Act 1999, refers to an individual, corporation (registered company or listed corporation) or partnership.

A transport licence can be issued for 1 or 5 years.

Exceptions for an explosives transport licence

A transport licence is not required when:

  • transporting an explosive that is part of the operational equipment of a vehicle (e.g. airbag)
  • transporting a distress signal on board a vehicle (e.g. a flare as part of a boat's safety equipment)
  • transporting an explosive on board a boat, where the owner or master is subject to the Transport Operations (Marine Safety) Regulation 2016, section 88(1) or (2)
  • the person holds another type of explosives licence which authorises the transport of limited amounts of explosives (e.g. a shotfirer licence or fireworks operator licence)
  • the person is transporting explosives for a company who holds an interstate licence in that jurisdiction and is delivering explosives on a direct trip into Queensland and immediately returning to that jurisdiction once delivery is completed.

Who can apply

An individual, corporation (registered company or listed corporation) or partnership can apply for a transport licence.

Listed corporations must appoint a responsible person for explosives matters if they have not already done so.

A listed corporation means a body corporate that is included in an official list of a prescribed financial market. Prescribed financial market is defined as 'a financial market that is prescribed by regulations made for the purpose of this definition'.

Each of the following is a prescribed financial market under section 1.0.02A of the Corporations Regulation 2001:

  1. Asia Pacific Exchange Limited
  2. ASX Limited
  3. Chi-X Australia Pty Ltd
  4. National Stock Exchange of Australia Limited
  5. SIM Venture Securities Exchange Ltd

How to apply

Your application should include:

Note: Failure to provide all required items may result in your application being refused.

Fees and payment options

Licence fees can only be paid via credit card (BPOINT) following submission of the online form. Read more about payment of licence fees.

Fees for licences to transport explosives

Licence class Licence fee and period
Licence to transport explosives 1 year $127.52 (excl. GST)
5 year $637.60 (excl. GST)

Obligations of licence holders

Licence holders must comply with the terms of their licence, as well as the following codes of practice:

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