Fireworks licensing and handling

In Queensland, possessing or using fireworks without a licence is illegal. Only trained and licensed professionals who understand the hazards and risks may buy, store, transport or use fireworks.

You should report illegal fireworks activities to the Explosives Inspectorate or the police.

There are various categories for fireworks displays:

  • outdoor display
  • close proximity (or indoor theatrical fireworks)
  • special effects (before a close audience)
  • string of crackers.

Licences are issued for these categories.

A fireworks contractor is an individual or company that's hired to organise a fireworks display. A fireworks operator conducts fireworks displays for the contractor.

Before you can become a licensed fireworks operator or contractor in Queensland, you may need training in the national competencies.

This guide explains the licensing requirements and qualifications needed to become a fireworks operator or contractor in Queensland. It provides links to licence applications and information on how to renew a licence.

The guide also outlines your obligations regarding notifying the Explosives Inspectorate of fireworks displays, dealing with unrestricted fireworks, safely using close proximity fireworks and reducing noise impacts on the community.