Fireworks licensing and handling

Outdoor fireworks during fire bans

Please be aware that fire bans are still in place in many local government areas.

In these areas, you must get the approval of the local fire warden before holding an outdoor fireworks display.

Before conducting a fireworks display, make sure you:

  1. Check the locations of total fire bans.
  2. Contact the local fire warden (if you are an area of total fire ban).
  3. Follow the advice of the fire warden. Make a note of the advice, who gave it and when.

In Queensland only trained and licensed professionals who understand the hazards and risks are authorised to buy, store, transport or use display fireworks.

Possessing or using display fireworks without a licence is a criminal offence.

Licences can be issued for:

  • fireworks contractors – individuals or companies that are hired to organise a fireworks display
  • fireworks operators – who conduct fireworks displays for the fireworks contractor.

This guide explains the licensing requirements and how to apply for a licence.

Note: A number of small fireworks are exempt from some of all of these requirements.

You should report illegal fireworks activities to the Explosives Inspectorate or the police.