Licensing and other requirements for explosives and fireworks

Find out about licensing requirements, and other requirements, for the use of explosives and fireworks in Queensland.


General licensing information

Requirements for using explosives and fireworks in Queensland, including obligations for licence holders.

Security clearances

Find out about the requirements for security clearances to work with explosives and fireworks.

Transporting explosives

How to apply for a licence to transport explosives in Queensland, as well as insurance requirements, common hazards and compliance with the relevant code.

Blasting and shotfiring

Licensing and other requirements for a shotfirer licence in Queensland for blasting activities.

Fireworks licensing and handling

Information about fireworks licensing in Queensland, including becoming qualified and applying for licences.

Importing and exporting explosives

Read about importing or exporting explosives from Queensland, including how to apply for a licence or permit.

Manufacturing explosives

Types of licences to manufacture explosives in Queensland, including how to apply and common hazards to avoid.

Selling explosives

Apply for a licence to sell explosives in Queensland, and know your obligations for selling security-sensitive explosives.

Specialised explosives uses

Apply for an explosives licence for specialised purposes in Queensland, including demolition and down-hole perforating.

Storing explosives

How to store explosives in Queensland and your obligations under the licence.

Explosives and fireworks reporting

Find out about your reporting obligations and how to lodge statutory reports and notices for your explosives and fireworks related activities.