Specialised explosives uses

A licence to use explosives covers specialised uses as stated on the licence, including:

  • dynamic breaching operations training
  • explosives testing
  • metal forming, and research & development
  • official police duties
  • fireworks testing
  • special effects for film and television
  • down-hole perforating
  • demolition
  • training purposes.

This licence allows you to use, purchase, store and transport the explosive in limited quantities.

Apply for a licence

Apply for a licence to use explosives in Queensland:

You may also need to undertake a medical assessment.

Security-sensitive ammonium nitrate

Apply for a licence to use security-sensitive ammonium nitrate (SSAN) in Queensland to use, store and transport SSAN for agricultural purposes, production processes and laboratories

Fees for licences

Also read important information about your licence fees, including how to pay and refunds.

Licence class Licence period Licence fee
Licence to use explosives 1 year {{ 35385 }}
5 years {{ 35384 }}

Required documentation

You'll need to provide current statements of attainment and other documents when you apply for a licence to use explosives, including:

  • current statements of attainment (where they exist) - dated within 5 years of application date
  • medical report - dated within 3 years of application date (not required for a licence to use - corporate or licence to use - rocketry)
  • passport photograph - which should be no more than 10 years and 6 months old at the end of the licence period. Provide more current passport photographs if your appearance changes significantly.

Your statements of attainment and medical reports must remain current during the period of your licence.

When these documents expire, you'll need to renew them and provide evidence to the Explosives Inspectorate when they're renewed.

Competencies for explosives

To obtain an explosives licence, you must have the competencies relevant to your intended use. Read the competency requirements for a licence to use explosives for more information.

Note: This document isn't exhaustive. If the purpose you wish to use the explosive for isn't listed here, contact the Explosives Inspectorate.