Licence fee information for explosives and fireworks

About licence fees

All licences and authorities (excluding permits) issued under the Explosives Act 1999 (Qld) have regulatory fees attached, which are calculated each year of the licence period. We review these fees annually.

However, there is no fee for explosives permits.

Most licences are issued for 1 or 5 years. Fireworks operator and contractor licences are issued for 1 or 3 years.

We may issue licences for various categories, such as a licence to import explosives (blasting explosives and distress signals). If more than one category applies, you would pay only the higher licence fee.

Paying for your licence

Please note: We do not accept payments via email or fax.

To pay your licence fee, please complete the Acceptable methods of payment (PDF, 305KB) form. You may pay by:

  • credit card (on the form)
  • cheque or money order (made out to Resources Safety and Health Queensland)
  • electronic funds transfer (by contacting the Explosives Inspectorate head office).

Note that all explosives authorities are GST free, so you won't receive a tax invoice.

Post your application form and any attachments with your payment form to an Explosives Inspectorate regional office.

Obtaining refunds

We may refund fees for an application if:

  • the Chief Inspector of Explosives decides not to issue the licence
  • you're surrendering your licence partway through the term and the refund amount is for the unexpired part of the term.

Fees for specific licences

To see the fee amounts for specific licences, see the licensing information for particular sectors and activities.