Renew, change, replace or surrender your licence or security clearance

Renewing a licence or security clearance

We will send you a renewal notification prompting you to apply to renew your licence or security clearance. If you don't receive a renewal notification within 2 months of the due date, contact us.

You can't renew a permit, as they're used for one-off purposes.

Surrendering a licence or security clearance

Before you surrender a licence or security clearance, you must dispose of any explosives that you have under that licence safely, acceptably and legally. Contact your nearest Explosives Inspectorate office for assistance.

To surrender your licence or security clearance, complete form E217 – Voluntary surrender of licence or security clearance.

Fees for licences are refundable for any remaining whole years of the licence period. The security clearance fee is not refundable.

Once your licence is surrendered, it's illegal for you to possess explosives under the surrendered licence (though you may continue to possess explosives under a different licence).

Replacing a licence or security clearance

If your licence or security clearance is lost, destroyed or stolen, you must notify us within 7 days by phone or email.

Complete the form E218 – Duplicate of security clearance or licence to replace a licence or security clearance that has been lost, stolen, damaged or defaced.

If the licence or security clearance has been lost or stolen, you must include a statutory declaration certifying that the licence is lost or stolen.

For damaged or defaced licences, you must return the original licence or security clearance after submitting the application.

Fees and payment options

Licence fees can only be paid via credit card (BPOINT) following submission of the online form. Read more about payment of licence fees.

Application fee for duplicate or replacement licence

Application typeFee
Duplicate/replacement of licence $50.14 (excl. GST)

Changing the details on your licence

If you currently hold a Queensland explosives licence and you wish to amend your existing licence details, contact us for the appropriate form.