Applying for mutual recognition of your interstate licence

If you already have a current licence to use explosives issued by another state or territory, you may be able to apply for an equivalent licence in Queensland.

The only licences to which this applies are those that are issued to individuals (not to partnerships or corporations).

Explosives licences that may have an equivalent licence (or combination of licences) are the:

All licences issued in Queensland under mutual recognition are valid for 1 year only. Your licence may be renewed if you meet all Queensland licensing requirements, including competencies.

If you allow your licence to expire, you can't apply again under mutual recognition for that licence type.

Applying for mutual recognition

Complete E111 – Mutual recognition application form (PDF, 807KB) and submit it to the Explosives Inspectorate, along with:

  • a certified copy of the current equivalent explosives licence from the other state or territory for the licence category you're applying for under mutual recognition
  • a completed statutory declaration form (PDF, 629KB). This form is also included on the E111 – Mutual recognition application form
  • evidence of the endorsements and restrictions on the current licence held from the other state or territory
  • your medical report.

Note: You will require a Queensland explosives security clearance before applying for a new licence.

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