Blasting and shotfiring

A shotfirer licence enables a person to use, possess, purchase, store and transport blasting explosives for use under the licence.

Licences limit you to the type and nature of shotfiring activities that you can perform, such as outside built-up areas, quarrying, safety fuse only, etc.

The licence allows for the transporting of up to 250kg of blasting explosives (net explosives quantity), in a suitable vehicle, without a separate licence to transport explosives.

To obtain a shotfirer licence, you must:

  • be an adult
  • be physically able to conduct blasting activities
  • have the required knowledge and training to conduct the work properly
  • have passed security clearances for criminal history and politically-motivated violence
  • undertake a medical assessment.

This guide tells you how to apply for a shotfirer licence, as well as the competencies you need and where you can receive training.

It will also advise you on how to manage blast fumes and minimise the noise from blasting activities.