Applying for a shotfirer licence

Apply for a licence

To apply for a shotfirer licence, read the competency requirements for Queensland shotfirer licences (PDF, 268KB), submit the completed form (PDF, 225KB) and all requested documents to the Explosives Inspectorate.

Fees for licences

Please also read important information about your licence fees, including how to pay and refunds.

Licence class Licence fee and period
Shotfirer licence 1 year  {{ 35387 }}
5 years  {{ 35386 }}

Required documentation

You'll need to provide current statements of attainment and other documents when you apply for a shotfirer licence, including:

  • statements of attainment - dated within 5 years of application date
  • a medical report - dated within 3 years of application date
  • a passport photograph - which should be no more than 10 years and 6 months old at the end of the licence period. Provide more current passport photographs if your appearance changes significantly
  • for an application for renewal of a shotfirer licence, a record of explosives used under the licence by the holder during the term of the licence.

Your statements of attainment and medical reports must remain current during the period of your licence.

When these documents expire, you'll need to renew them and provide evidence to the Explosives Inspectorate when they're renewed.

Competencies for a shotfirer licence

To work with explosives in Queensland's quarrying, mining or construction industries, you must complete a course from a registered training organisation (RTO) that delivers nationally recognised competencies.

See the list of RTOs that deliver shotfirer training in Queensland.

Other occupations benefiting from competencies

The following occupations would benefit from other blasting competencies from an RTO but don't need a shotfirer licence:

  • assistant shotfirers
  • blast designers
  • blasting supervisors/contractors
  • magazine keepers
  • mobile manufacturing unit operators
  • explosives transport drivers on site.