Applying for a shotfirer licence

A person must have a security clearance if applying for a licence or permit relating to security-sensitive explosives.

A shotfirer licence allows you to use, possess, purchase, store and transport limited quantities of blasting explosives.

This includes transporting up to 250kg of blasting explosives (net explosives quantity) without a separate licence to transport explosives in a suitable vehicle.

Shotfirers at mine sites

You don't need a shotfirer licence to work at a mine site if you meet the requirements listed in section 37(1) of the Explosives Regulation 2017 and are appointed by the site senior executive or underground mine manager.

Application requirements

Check the application form for a list of requirements, including requirements for security clearances, a medical assessment and competency requirements (see also below).

Competency requirements

The competency requirements are listed in competency requirements for Queensland shotfirer licences (PDF, 268KB).

In Queensland, the following registered training organisations provide this training:

How to apply

Your application should include:

*Note: If you apply for an occupational authority, your biometric data (digital photo and signature) will be retained while your licence remains current. It will be destroyed if your application is withdrawn or refused, or your licence expires.

Fees and payment options

Licence fees can only be paid via credit card (BPOINT) following submission of the online form. Read more about payment of licence fees.

Fees for shotfirer licences

Licence class Licence fee and period
Shotfirer licence 1 year  $68.95 (excl. GST)
5 years  $344.75 (excl. GST)

Obligations of licence holders

Use of explosives

As a licensed shotfirer, you must use explosives as required by the Australian Standard AS2187 Part 2 or an alternative safety measure for the standard.

You must take reasonable precautions to:

  • prevent misfires
  • minimise the risk of material being projected beyond the exclusion zone (flyrock)
  • minimise excessive noise
  • minimise the adverse effects of ground vibration and shock waves
  • ensure the security of an explosive used in blasting activities.

You must not use an explosive after either the manufacturer's recommended shelf life or the approved, extended shelf life.


You should keep a record of:

  • the amount and type of explosives you buy and use
  • each blast conducted.

Notification requirements

Shotfirers must notify us of any blasting activity (other than at a mine site, a quarry, down-hole wells for oil and gas, or an explosives factory) at least 7 days before the intended blasting activity.