Licence eligibility and general obligations

Eligibility for an explosives licence

You're eligible for an explosives licence or permit if you are an adult, are physically able to conduct explosives activities, and have the knowledge and training to do the work properly.

In Queensland, you need a licence to:

  • use explosives for
    • blasting and shotfiring
    • conducting fireworks displays
    • any other specialised purpose e.g. demolition, testing
  • import and export explosives
  • manufacture explosives
    • at a place of use
    • in a factory
    • in a mobile manufacturing unit
  • sell explosives
  • store explosives (other than in a government reserve)
  • collect ammunition
  • transport explosives.

Permits are issued for single-use, non-commercial activities related to importing and exporting explosives, and storing explosives (other than in a government reserve).

There is no fee for permits.

General obligations for licence holders

All licence and permit holders have obligations under the Explosives Act 1999. Regardless of your licence or permit type, you must keep the explosives secure and use them safely.

You must also:

  • notify the Explosives Inspectorate when a significant explosives incident occurs
  • ensure your licence is current
  • comply with the licence conditions
  • use only explosives that are authorised or approved
  • keep records.