Reducing impacts of fireworks noise

All licensed fireworks operators and contractors conducting outdoor displays must comply with the Queensland code of practice for the control of outdoor fireworks displays (PDF, 1.4MB).

If you arrange, organise or operate a fireworks display, you must take all reasonable and practical measures to minimise the impact of noise.

These measures include:

  • holding fireworks displays only between certain hours
  • positioning of fireworks
  • selecting appropriate fireworks
  • limiting the frequency of events at a location to agreed intervals.

Holding fireworks displays only between certain hours

To minimise the impact of noise, you should hold your fireworks displays at these times:

  • Monday to Thursday, 7am–9pm
  • Friday and Saturday, 7am–10pm
  • Sunday and public holidays, 1pm–9pm
  • New Year's Eve, 7am–12.30am (New Year's Day)

Positioning and selecting fireworks to minimise impact

You should also minimise noise impacts by:

  • using the shielding effects of natural or constructed features
  • placing the display as far away as practical from any noise-sensitive place
  • excluding or limiting the use or size of 'salute' or other high-noise fireworks from an event.

Limiting the frequency of events

Venue Minimum interval between events Events per year
Commercial (theme parks, shopping centres) 5 days Not more than 6
Sporting events (football clubs) 5 days Not more than 6
Community organisations (shows, religious festivals) 24 hours Not more than 6
Educational institutions 24 hours Not more than 6
Residential, rural areas and private functions 3 months Not more than 4

Dispute resolution services

The Explosives Inspectorate requires operators of firework displays to consider the impact of noise on neighbouring properties. However, if complaints do arise, operators and complainants can engage in dispute resolution, which is an effective, confidential and voluntary way to settle a dispute.