Fireworks operator licences

You must have a security clearance if you are applying for a fireworks-related licence.

A fireworks operator is allowed to conduct displays only under the supervision of a fireworks contractor.

A fireworks operator licence allows you to use, possess, store and transport a limited quantity of fireworks for a fireworks display organised by a fireworks contractor.

A fireworks operator licence does not allow you to purchase fireworks.

The licence may limit the category and size of the fireworks display.

Note: To apply for a special effects (pyrotechnics) fireworks operator licence, please contact the Explosives Inspectorate.

Application requirements

Check the application form for a list of requirements, including requirements for security clearances for security-sensitive explosives (which includes fireworks and pyrotechnics), a medical assessment and competency requirements (see also below).

Competency requirements

The competency requirements for different types of fireworks are shown in the table below.

In Queensland, Fireworks Australia (Importers) Pty Ltd is the only organisation approved to provide this training. Contact them to discuss your training requirements.

Competency requirements for fireworks operators and contractors

Competency unit Fireworks operators Fireworks contractors
CUAPYR411 Manage health and safety requirements at fireworks displays OD, CP, SC _
CUAPYR412 Operate outdoor fireworks displays OD _
CUAPYR413 Plan outdoor fireworks display _ OD, CP, SC
CUAPYR414 Operate close proximity fireworks displays CP _
CUAPYR415 Plan close proximity fireworks displays _ CP1
Competency assessment by inspector SC* _


  • OD: Outdoor fireworks displays (including strings of crackers)
  • CP: Close proximity
  • SC: Strings of crackers
  • *Course not yet available
  • 1CUAPYR415 is only required where the fireworks contractor is endorsed for close proximity displays only. In this instance, it replaces CUAPYR413.

Note: To apply for a special effects (pyrotechnics) fireworks operator licence, contact the Explosives Inspectorate.

How to apply

Your application should include:

*Note: If you apply for an occupational authority, your biometric data (digital photo and signature) will be retained while your licence remains current. It will be destroyed if your application is withdrawn or refused, or your licence expires.

Fees and payment options

Licence fees can only be paid via credit card (BPOINT) following submission of the online form. Read more about payment of licence fees.

Fees for fireworks operator licences

Licence class Licence fee and period
Fireworks operator licence 1 year $146.28 (excl. GST)
3 years $438.84 (excl. GST)

Obligations of licence holders

Licence holders must comply with the terms of their licence, as well as the following codes of practice:

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