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Applying for a licence to sell explosives

You must have a security clearance if you are applying for a licence or permit for a security-sensitive explosive.

A licence to sell explosives allows you to buy and sell nominated explosives and to store a limited quantity at a designated location.

Application requirements

Check the application form for a list of requirements, including requirements for security clearances and a safety and security management system.

Publicly listed corporations must appoint a responsible person for explosives matters if they have not already done so.

How to apply

Your application should include:

Fees and payment options

Read about payment options and make sure you include an acceptable methods of payment form (PDF, 305KB) with your application.

Fees for licences to sell explosives

Licence class Licence type Licence fee and period
Licence to sell explosives For blasting explosives 1 year  {{ 35355 }}
5 years  {{ 35354 }}
Licence to sell explosives For propellant powders 1 year  {{ 35357 }}
5 years  {{ 35356 }}
Licence to sell explosives For fireworks 1 year  {{ 35359 }}
5 years  {{ 35358 }}
Licence to sell explosives For ammunition 1 year  {{ 35361 }}
5 years  {{ 35360 }}
Licence to sell explosives For an explosive not mentioned above, including SSAN 1 year  {{ 35363 }}
5 years  {{ 35362 }}

Obligations of licence holders

If you have a licence to sell explosives in Queensland, you must:

  • sell only to people who have a licence to sell, store or use the explosive (not fireworks), or are authorised under the Explosives Regulation 2017 for the explosives endorsed on the licence
  • not sell an explosive in a public place
  • stop buying, possessing, storing and selling small arms ammunition if you cancel a licence to sell small arms ammunition, unless you're a licensed firearms dealer under the Weapons Act 1990
  • keep records of explosives you buy and sell
  • have a safety and security management system and security plan if the explosives are security-sensitive explosives.