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Applying for a licence or permit to import or export explosives

You must have a security clearance if you are applying for a licence or permit for a security-sensitive explosive.

You must not import explosives or export explosives into Queensland unless you have the appropriate authority.

  • A licence or permit to import explosives will allow you to bring the stated explosives into Queensland from another country and possess the explosives for that purpose.
  • A licence or permit to export explosives will allow you to send the stated explosives to another country from Queensland and possess the explosives for that purpose.

Note that a licence or permit to import or export explosives does not allow you to purchase, sell, transport or store explosives.

Who needs a licence or permit?

You'll need a licence or permit to import or export explosives unless the explosives are:

  • part of the operational equipment of a road vehicle or boat, including airbags and distress signals that are part of the boat's safety equipment
  • brought into Queensland from another Australian state or territory
  • held in bond under the Customs Prohibited Export Regulation 1958.

You also may not need a licence or permit for collectors' ammunition or small arms ammunition for personal use (see below for requirements).

Licences versus permits

You should apply for a licence is you have an ongoing requirement to import or export the stated explosives.

You should apply for a permit if either:

  • the import or export is a one-off and not generally related to business
  • the explosives are destined for another country and being held in Queensland temporarily before being transported to the other country (if one-off case)
  • the explosives are for an importer licensed in another state or territory and were destined for that state or territory but were diverted to Queensland by the shipping company (not the importer).

Importing and exporting ammunition

You won't need a separate licence or permit to export or import collectors' ammunition, as this is covered by the licence to collect ammunition.

You don't need a permit to import or export small arms ammunition for personal use (e.g. target shooting or hunting) if:

  • the ammunition is for your own personal use for sports or target shooting or recreational shooting
  • and
  • you are licensed or otherwise authorised under the Weapons Act 1990 to use a firearm that uses the ammunition.

If you wish to import a weapon, you should apply to the Queensland Police for a B709 import permit.

Application requirements

Check the application form for a list of requirements, including requirements for security clearances and a safety and security management system.

Publicly listed corporations must appoint a responsible person for explosives matters if they have not already done so.

How to apply

Your application should include:

Fees and payment options

Read about payment options and make sure you include an acceptable methods of payment form (PDF, 305KB) with your application.

Fees for licences and permits to import/export explosives

Licence class Licence type Licence period Licence fee
Permit to import/export explosives All types N/A {{ 35395 }}
Licence to import/export explosives For blasting explosives 1 year

5 year

{{ 35338 }}

{{ 35337 }}

For propellant powders and ammunition 1 year

5 year

{{ 35340 }}

{{ 35339 }}

For fireworks 1 year

5 year

{{ 35342 }}

{{ 35341 }}

For distress signals 1 year

5 year

{{ 35344 }}

{{ 35343 }}

For an explosive not mentioned above, including SSAN 1 year

5 year

{{ 35347 }}

{{ 35345 }}

Obligations of licence and permit holders

As a licence or permit holder you have a range of obligations, including notifying us before you import or export explosives.

You can find details of your obligations in Explosives information bulletin no. 21 – Import and export of explosives and Explosives information bulletin no. 50 – Handling explosives at ports.

Before importing or exporting explosives, please make sure contact the Department of Home Affairs to check their requirements.